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Ama Vegas oyuncularının kalbine ve ruhuna gelince.

Casino slot oyunu — reel rush oyna: video slot makinesi

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  1. your little fortune for humanity. Our account number is Bank BRI (Indonesian peoples bank) 584001010328534 🙏

  2. Typically, you win at BJ by varying your bets. The problem is that he starts his initial bet so high that he has little room for variation.

    1. Should start off at $500 a hand, and learn to add a hand or 2 after 3-4 losses in a row. Plus sometimes you gotta hit a 12 especially if the dealers pulling almost every hand

  3. Had to watch on mute but otherwise thanks for letting us watch your play!

    1. You can double down any hand youd like lol, dont do it tho, playing the math or basic strategy calls for you to double an A/7 against a dealer 6.

  4. Terrible camera angle. Should be behind the player. I can not stand to watch with cards very difficult to read.

  5. Skinny The Pimp always says they dont gotta be pretty to make money.

    1. Yeah he is annoying. I can feel his spit come through my screen 📺

  6. You shouldnt play with an annoying person next to you, its bad luck.

  7. This guy doesn’t double down on a 11….. I’m not waiting this guy

  8. The people your calling financial advisors know how to play correct black jack to increase your odds of winning. So maybe don’t criticize them for telling you how to play but listen and learn for the next time you play. Yeah it’s his own money but there is only one way to play. And that’s the right way lol. Speaking about the guy holding the camera by the way

  9. Finally another black jack episode 🎉🙏. And the first one in the cosmopolitan, gongrets on that and your winnings 🔥. Hopefully you make more videos with your funny friends. Lots of love and luck from Europe (the Nederlands) 🙏❤️🇳🇱

  10. The way you bet is cool but it sucks to build up your chips to loose when you would have just lost just a thousand but its vegas baby

  11. This guy is horrible at BlackJack, Stick to slots dude smh.

  12. I love mg slot blackjack.he always 500 to 1000 dollars tip for dealer.

  13. The camera person talks like the kid from stranger things

  14. 20k buy in and your scared of 11, f the dealer card. Double all 11s

  15. so annoying that the dealer mimmics the hit / stand signals!

    1. On higher limit tables by players who aren’t regulars, the dealers aren’t necessarily mimicking. They are confirming the player’s decision as each hand is a major swing for the balance sheet on the table and the player

    88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik)

  17. That was a pretty good haul at a blackjack table. The cards were auspicious and kind to you & as a result you earned a pretty good win. Keep up the good work.

  18. i did not think we would end up there but now the children will save lives

  19. por que ganar una mano de 1000 dejas 500 pierdes 1500 y luego apuesta 1000 no esta bien

  20. A few hands in and the salty dork is already whining about financial advisors again. Continuing to berate the people who support the channel (about something harmless, no less). Brilliant

    1. @Manny Gomez its a double no matter what except for an Ace

    2. Against a 10 showing the ratio Against you anything under 7 showing I would double

  21. How much are you paying Daffy Duck to be a commentator on your videos? Hes really annoying.

  22. On one hand they boast about how big the bet is and how high stake they are, on the other hand they are scared of doubling when absolutely needed to…. complex

    1. @Jig82 That is simply false. A person playing non standard doesn’t cause change to your EV

    2. @Ace High You know nothing about playing blackjack I assume, luckily this noob is playing on a table by himself cause not playing correctly causes the whole table to lose. Yes one player playing wrong causes a bad table! I suggest you learn basic strategy.

    3. Go play some baccarat, youre te same type of player that blames everyone for making the table bad. Let the man enjoy HIS money

    1. Wrong. You only double down when the dealer has 6-8 and you have a 10 or an ace. Anything else the odds will be against you. This guy knows how to play.

    2. @ldt T19 thanks captain obvious you are to always double an 11 if you play by the book

    3. You can double your bet at any number a get lucky and not go over 21 but it is highly unlikely to happen, my thought is that 11 is the safest number to double because 12 you double that then you receive a 10 you bust but a 11 you can receive 10 and still win… me myself i always double a 11 no matter what, risky bet but it has worked out for me really well

    4. @Jordan that means if my cards are equal to 11, i should double what i have bet in at the moment so my 100 turns into 200? but i could also lose it roght?

    5. @TRADIN’ WAR STORIEZ doubling your bet on an 11 rather than hitting. Its the correct play unless youre afraid of losing.

  23. He makes money cause he works for the casino in its promotion department, otherwise hed be banned for life.😂

  24. Guy starts with 20k and doesnt even double on 11 lol

    1. @Jig82 Thanks for the reply. I actually did win 5000. One thing I learned over the years is to not care what people think. My money, my choices. I’m not playing and making decisions based on the rest of the people at the table. It’s not a team sport. Take care.

    2. @spiderman0863 Sure ya did lol. Its not only about you when you sit at a BJ table and if some noob is screwing up everyone elses wins its gonna rub the entire table wrong.

    3. @spiderman0863 cool basic strat will always be best in long run something this guy clearly has non of

    4. @PIP2323 it’s funny how that goes sometimes. Years ago when I was just learning the game I was at the table with 4 other players who apparently didn’t think much of my inexperience. I made decisions that made sense to me at the time possible messing everyone’s hand at the table. I told one guy to mind his own business. I will play my hand whatever way I want and you do the same. I walk away with over 5 grand and the rest left with nothing. Basic strategy to a point I agree. It all comes down to luck/

    5. Yea that was embarassing to watch lol. Must not play blackjack much

    1. Not always. Only double down when the dealer has between 6 and 8 and you have an ace. Anything else the odds will be against you massively.

  25. I never understand the cashing out process…. most casino tax you if you cash out more than 10k I heard… but for example this guy bought in for 20 then cashes out for 25k at the gage…: are they gonna tax him?

  26. Thats really good $5,000 and under half an hour good job

    1. @Jay Jay I was referring to the fact of what he was betting 5k is not a big win. 5k not a bad day, but he plays like shit

    2. @chris Burns Thats how you make money sadly! Thats why there is a saying the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer thats because in order for you to make big money you need big money

  27. The guy filming was so annoying. Made your content almost unbearable.
    Also, this is an old video. Not sure if it was a re-upload but definitely an old video.

  28. They should shoot at a different angle. Can’t see the cards. Thanks.

  29. Filming guy is so annoying. Ppl talking way too much to enjoy video. The other guy in background talks too much too. Didnt enjoy this video.

  30. Yea. Couldn’t watch. Couldn’t see the cards well and guy was annoying. Sorry. Maybe next time.

  31. Youre friend should shut the heck up..
    Obnoxious Pratt…

  32. Lol 100% even with four blackjacks and 4 double/ in a single shoe

  33. Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!! Come one, come all. Let us bankrupt the casino.

  34. Very condescending to your viewers. This video has some exciting moments, but is best watched with the volume off.

  35. If You Guys Would Shut Your Yappa. Would Be Worth Watching. If I Was At A Casino And You Were Next To Me Id Tell You To Shut The Hell Up . Wineing Voice.

  36. Annoying financial advisor moment here.. but your play gave up almost an extra $600 in value to the house, and you were slated to lose just $300ish if you used basic strategy. So you’re gonna lose your bankroll at blackjack about 3 times faster than you should, man. Just wanna see you get the most fun for your money!

    1. @Sean Ambrose I play basic strategy I know but aces are too tricky

    2. @Jalecoe Mudd Basic Strategy says double ALL 11s, regardless of dealer card.

  37. He should of played more then one hand I play two hands when playing by myself vs the dealer

  38. Damn Daffy Duck down bad if he is
    Commentating for black jack, Warner bros need to pay him unemployment lol

  39. Financial advisors yet hes telling him that he should double 😑🤣 #practicewhatyoupreach

  40. I don’t like how after every win he keeps pressing his bet. You guys are already making 1k after each win.

    1. Yes he is! he also has a farm to manage so that takes up lots of his free time.

  41. Your camera guy is really Annoying. Also. The “financial” advisors in the chat? They are telling you how to play to give yourself the best possible odds against the house. If you can’t afford the double on an 11, lower your stakes.

    If you want to watch way better play. Go to Mgslots21. That dude plays correct and well

  42. Play 2 hands to change up the bad juju and go back to one if you can’t shuffle ASAP

  43. Definitely should of been playing more then one hand with that kind of money.

  44. Good solid playing. Im sure you tipped the dealer for your 5G profit not on camera.

    1. @Mario Cefalu then youre among the elite to our gaming staff across the casino industry. And we appreciate you.

    2. @Mario Cefalu thats great. I think it may be a good idea to show this on your vlog. Coming from a former 21 dealer, those tokes as we refer to the gratuitous gesture help the industry thrive. (Behind the scenes tip [literally]: when a player tips the dealer, theyre much more inclined to root for the player).

  45. That guy who keep taking is super annoying
    We love you raja ❤️

  46. stopped the video and disliked after misplaying the first hand.

  47. 稳中才能求胜!!

  48. Don’t let the a holes bother you guys, they wish they had that kind of $.

  49. el lo personal ganar y dejar 500 en cada juego no esta bien por que si ganas 3 juegos al final pierdes lo que ganaste tarde o temprano pierdes

  50. I’m sorry but that is the absolute worse betting strategy, you are making slow gains putting one chip in every time you win. You’ll be up 3,000 and instead of just restarting your bets because lets be honest, you’re not going to win more than 4-5 times in a row which is already really lucky. you keep on putting money in and end up losing 3,500. You could have saved at least 1,000-2,000 dollars resetting your bets. And could have made thousands of more dollars in the long run.

    1. this is how i play, and ive made money but you you are right, you save time and make more money doing the latter

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