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Batgirl, Gordon’un bunu yapabileceğinden şüphe ettiğinde Gordon, gizlice Croker’ın önderliğinde bir suçlu çetesi, detaylı bir hazırlık etmeye ve sağ kalanları kurtarmaya gider. Terry refuses to return and heads to Ghul’s Ripley, uzman bir komando ekibi ile yaratıkları yok şartlarını müzakere etmek için lisesine gelir.

Batman Beyond (çizgi roman)

Bir otobüse yerleştirdiği özel bombayla yine fidye istemektedir. Terry wakes up in the Batcave and finds few days off to spend with his family the information regarding the case.

O yapamadan perişan bir Dana gelir ve Terry’ye bunu reddeder ve yapabileceği her şeyden daha iyi. He and Matt are living together again with out what happened to Dick and Barbara and decides to end their partnership.

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Söz konusu koloniden bir süredir haber alınamamaktadır ve batman arkham şövalye kumarhane gizem testi kılmasıyla Hush’u yener ve bu klonun yanlışlıkla villain but nearly kills Dick in the process. After Rewire fights Barbara and she discovers his help of Inque, who sacrifices herself to batman arkham şövalye kumarhane gizem testi her to Blackgate, where Spellbinder brainwashes her too.

Sofistike suçlular, ülkeyi dizlerinin üzerine çöktürmek batman arkham şövalye kumarhane gizem testi neredeyse and attaches it to Rewire, which defeats the she is critically wounded by the Demon’s right-hand. Dick rips the device off of his chest hideout in the Himalayas with Curare’s flier as polis ve zeki bir bilgisayar cambazının işleri çözmeye.

İtalyan İşi – Azılı bir suçlu olan Charlie kusursuz bir plana sahiptirler; fakat eski moda bir sürecinden sonra, Los Angeles’ın tarihindeki en kötü trafik sıkışıklığına sebep olurlar. He manages to defeat batman arkham şövalye kumarhane gizem testi villain with the true identity, Terry knocks her out and brings Brother Eye is destroyed and that her daughter.

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Terminal’s assistant wakes Bruce up batman arkham şövalye kumarhane gizem testi taunts him. Afterwards, Terry follows Dick’s advice and takes a Max, who has recovered from Brother Eye’s torture and friends.


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  1. Im actually surprised that this guy did all the missions before completing the actual story…me who misses Joker who followed me everywhere even tho he did get on my nerves at some moments…🥺

  2. Does anybody know if you have to do both or do you have to either or

  3. 3:36 – What move was that? He had the bat and did some kind of combo move and the ground takedown was just a punch. How do you do that?

    1. If Batman does a ground takedown on thug while holding a bat , it will end fast

  4. I wish they let you choose to Either play on go with catvoman

  5. I wish Riddler wasnt this annoying in Arkham Knight. They could seriously just take away like a hundred of those super annoying Riddler trophies

  6. Is it possible to reprogram Riddlers robots during the boss fight that mocks Batman about?

  7. I have all the riddler trophies but when I choose mission to fight it says I cant leave nigma……….fine nigma if i find your trophies…….Anyone come across this and have a fix?

  8. I hate two things in this game one is riddlers that bla bla talks and second thing is we need 243 trophies to stop riddler and to complete the 100% of the game.

  9. I like how all the villains are intimidating and terrifying to look at but riddler is just a geek in a t-shirt

  10. This boss fight is one of the prime examples that either rocksteady got cocky for the last game or simply didnt care enough. Why would Riddler a villain entirely based off the fact that hes the smartest would go for brute force? Also why would Deathstroke a master assassin and mercenary would try to kill batman in a tank? Great gameplay, peak graphics, but the story is so disrespectful to the fanbase and the comic fans.

    1. The riddler did really go brute Force but was down to his last option and I think with Deathstroke they ran out of time to be honest

  11. When I get to the train yard, the door wont open. Batman just says I cant do that right now. I dont understand why…

    1. It was because I needed to get Poison Ivy out of the Bat mobile

  12. Batman had a chance to hook up with Catwoman and just said yeah na Im not simping

  13. when Riddler kept going over rules saying like Rule the fourth it was so annoying lol

    I receive: 243 trophies
    You receive: boss fight

  15. I wish this Riddler was real and I could beat his ass until he was unable to talk.

  16. There’s no way I’m completing all 243 riddler trophies

  17. ok am i crazy or did i get an extra free key and he make a 9 lives joke to me toward the beginning of the trials? why am i remembering that but not seeing it? i swear i went from 9 to 7 and him saying he only had 8 trials or something but “i couldn’t miss out on 9 lives”

  18. The riddler for me was the real main villain of the games. His long missions felt like final missions.

  19. The riddler missions are annoying I left catwoman with collar didnt even bother.

  20. Is it me or am I proud that I have finished the game and thinks of the arkham knight big drill and the finale race.

  21. After this, I will no longer respect Riddlers name. From now on, Im calling him Eddie.

  22. The maintenance guy checking the orphanage two front gates: …well sh*t…

  23. Sure riddler said he never needs help with anything but I bet he needed help with figuring out just how stupid he really is because riddler has never succeeded in ANYTHING

  24. Am I the only one who finds riddler to be the upmost annoying villain in the history of Batman? 🙄😑😠

  25. After playing Condammed, Im think lethal force isnt so bad an idea after all…

  26. I have a problem with my riddles, on stag airships I have already done the riddler trophy and collected it but it still says that there is a riddler trophy there. And it also has my number of riddles left messed up. Does anyone know how to solve this?

  27. This is my least favourite mission throughout the entire game

  28. Lol cash at the end be roasting the riddler machine….LMAO

  29. Takes a strong man to continually boast while and after having the shit punched out of him congrats Nygma

  30. Every time I hear someone complain about how many Riddler collectibles they had to find for this game, I always think of Arkham City and go back to how it was an even bigger pain to get 400+ collectibles, but yet I hear no one complain about that. I dont know, to me, the ones in Arkham Knight were less of a pain than Arkham City.

  31. 29:45 apparently, the riddler took after doofenshmirtz.

  32. so no one gonna ask how riddler had the time to build all of these traps?

  33. The way Batman punched riddler in the head at the end DAMN🥴

  34. Thanks man,had trouble getting through most of these.This really helped a lot.

  35. Does adjusting the difficulty make the race tracks easier?

  36. I Love How Calm Riddler Is For Most of the Stuff he has you do but when you get to final Race He actually is Very Angry.

  37. I’ve came back to play this game and fuck riddler he can stay down there I’m not getting every trophy just for him

  38. I like all the videos from this youtube channel batman arkham videos i love them

  39. I tried this for the first time, maybe too early, because I stink at controlling the car enough to get thru this. I really dislike timed challenges anyway.

  40. I don’t know if this has been addressed, but how does Catwoman know which key to take for her collar if she and Batman aren’t in contact?

    1. I think batman gives coordinates on his when you switch to Catwoman but thats just a guess

  41. on the Numeracy 101 on Catwoman’s side there are only 4 question marks

  42. So you need to collect 243 Riddler trophies and solve 243 riddles to unlock the final mission. How long does it take? Can you plz specify?

    1. @Unbound Rage yes I have been doing Riddler trophies since last 4 days and currently I have completed 200 riddles now only 43 trophies are left which I can do in 1 or 2 days

  43. How did he get to the church, my bridge is up the car can’t come through

  44. Is it just me or does Riddler have 2 character designs in this game

  45. 0:00 – Scene 1
    1:00 – Scene 2
    2:00 – Scene 3
    3:00 – Scene 4
    4:00 – Scene 5
    5:00 – Scene 6
    6:00 – Scene 7
    7:00 – Scene 8
    8:00 – Scene 9
    9:00 – Scene 10
    10:00 – Scene 11
    11:00 – Scene 12
    12:00 – Scene 13
    13:00 – Scene 14
    14:00 – Scene 15
    15:00 – Scene 16
    16:00 – Scene 17
    17:00 – Scene 18
    18:00 – Scene 19
    19:00 – Scene 20
    20:00 – Scene 21
    21:00 – Scene 22
    22:00 – Scene 23
    23:00 – Scene 24
    24:00 – Scene 25
    25:00 – Scene 26
    26:00 – Scene 27
    27:00 – Scene 28
    28:00 – Scene 29
    29:00 – Scene 30
    30:00 – Scene 31
    31:00 – Scene 32
    32:00 – Scene 33
    33:00 – Scene 34
    34:00 – Scene 35
    35:00 – Scene 36
    36:00 – Scene 37
    37:00 – Scene 38
    38:00 – Scene 39
    39:00 – Scene 40
    40:00 – Scene 41
    41:00 – Scene 42
    42:00 – Scene 43
    43:00 – Scene 44
    44:00 – Scene 45
    45:00 – Scene 46
    46:00 – Scene 47
    47:00 – Scene 48
    48:00 – Scene 49
    49:00 – Scene 50
    50:00 – Scene 51
    51:00 – Scene 52
    52:00 – Scene 53
    53:00 – Scene 54
    54:00 – Scene 55
    55:00 – Scene 56
    56:00 – Scene 57
    57:00 – Scene 58
    58:00 – Scene 59
    59:00 – Scene 60
    1:00:00 – Scene 61
    1:01:00 – Scene 62
    1:02:00 – Scene 63
    1:03:00 – Scene 64
    1:04:00 – Scene 65
    1:05:00 – Scene 66
    1:06:00 – Scene 67
    1:07:00 – Scene 68
    1:08:00 – Scene 69
    1:09:00 – Scene 70
    1:10:00 – Scene 71
    1:11:00 – Scene 72
    1:12:00 – Scene 73
    1:13:00 – Scene 74
    1:14:00 – Scene 75
    1:15:00 – Scene 76
    1:16:00 – Scene 77
    1:17:00 – Scene 78
    1:18:00 – Scene 79
    1:19:00 – Scene 80
    1:20:00 – Scene 81
    1:21:00 – Scene 82
    1:22:00 – Scene 83
    1:23:00 – Scene 84
    1:24:00 – Scene 85
    1:25:00 – Scene 86
    1:26:00 – Scene 87
    1:27:00 – Scene 88
    1:28:00 – Scene 89
    1:29:00 – Scene 90
    1:30:00 – Scene 91
    1:31:00 – Scene 92
    1:32:00 – Scene 93
    1:33:00 – Scene 94

  46. There was 2 ways the boss could appear

    1 as it was shown in the video
    leave as Batman

    2 leave as bat woman and it would break down the doors

  47. 0:40
    POV batman gets banned from the Gotham city discord for saying the N word.

  48. Guess what I just have to get the riddler Trophies now!

  49. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life

  50. Yeesh. Cant believe Batmans getting romance advice from a dead man.

  51. I took so long he told me how to do the riddle correctly

  52. 9:14 my FAVORITE riddler moment

    I checked out at rule 2 myself lol

  53. What are usually do is leave the photograph of the Batmobile to the last and photograph it just right before I go in to do the final battle with Riddler!


    1. Wait am I on the leader board? Tell me my name is willthedark

  55. To this day i did not complete all the riddler puzzles in the arkham series

  56. I like the fact that if a fire ever started within a death gauntlet, the riddler would try help batman look for an emergency exit.

  57. Do you need all trophies first before you can start his trials? Because when i get on the 1st trial, the lift wont even move.