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Adım Bond, James Bond | Ayşe ÖZEK KARASU | Köşe Yazıları

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  1. You missed the best scene you idiot! when he got a straight flush in Casino Royal.

    1. You missed the part where they spelled it Royale.

  2. 4:17 its bah kah rah. The t is silent, you ignorant morons.

  3. Without even seeing Casino Royale you know that Mads Mikkelsen is the villain because only an asshole throws his chips into the table all sloppily like that

  4. The opening scene in Dr No when Connery does the classic cigarette light/Bond, James Bond bit is the ultimate. Your vid would have been much better without the inane chit-chat.

    1. An interesting tidbit is that the woman (actress Eunice Gayson) who asks Bond his name at the Casino table at the beginning of Dr No is the mother of the woman who asks Pierce Brosnan the same question in Goldeneye.

  5. Speaking for yourself, I presume. Lazenby was great.

  6. Shut the fuck up you idiot, nobody came here to listen to you. Play the video without you yapping like a jackass.

  7. Whats wrong with Lazenby exactly? Its widely known he was excellent, as was his film. Unsubbed.

    1. The studio wanted Lazenby to comtinue as Bond, but he asked them to.much money, and they let him go.

    2. I really liked Lazenbys performance, and I wish we could have seen him in at least one more outing as Bond. OHMSS had the best character development until Skyfall.

    3. unsubbed does that mean unknown subject!~? On her majestys secret service was a good entry but i felt LAZENBY basically did a bad CONNERY impression throughout the film !
      with that said it is still well done and the only BOND film with a bleak ending ! enjoy!

    4. nothing wrong with Lanzebys Bond but since he only did 1 movie casual fans assume he did a bad job. they probably have never even seen the movie

    5. Connery left the series after you only live twice, lazenby was his replacement on ohmss, personally I thought he and the movie were great, the film was one of the best James bond movies with its fascinating plot characters and action scenes

  8. Lazenby was too critically received, and was a breath of fresh air. He is FAR from being the worst Bond.
    When I FINALLY got around to seeing him as Bond, I was pleased in him… as well as the film. It may be one of the best Bond films… it is not in the worst category either.

  9. on her majestys secret service is probably one of the best bond films there was.

  10. How is the GoldenEye scene over Casino royale and Dr. No? One is very tense and well done. The other is just iconic. And how is a terrible Bond spoof at the top. Terrible list

    1. You Sir are pinpoint accurate.. I shall add you on YT. [do you game John?]

  11. Real fans love Lazenby. I dont know what your daft comment was all about. His film is one of the best Bonds ever with a great cast.

    1. Yes . And he didnt take himself
      too seriously . Top guy !

  12. stop talking over it option, voice is good but want the vibe of the pure scene babe.

  13. 百家乐赢钱的方法只有一个:平推赢;唯有打破大数法则,不断的提高赢率才是正道。

  14. Actually George Lazenby’s performance was first rate! Straight from the novel Unlike the cartoon Bonds Of later years!


  16. 3:30 your editing timing is slightly off here. The “that last hand nearly killed me” should start at 3:31, allowing a slightly longer buffer between your voiceover and the scene.

  17. Forever James Bond Sean connery Forever James Bond Sean connery Forever James Bond Sean connery

  18. DJ meeting will try to be something like this. passline bets to begin.
    Roll those dice lady!
    P K A C E A A and all those that care to watch. Yes of course ky.
    Slots and drinks surround us.

  19. It’s a shame the casino scene from Man With the Golden Gun was so short. Bond didn’t even gamble!

  20. I followed the previous to, The best James Bond Scenes Ever. What a lot of click-bait bullshit it has turned out to be, narrated by a rather effeminately enunciated boy-child voice-over and the rest entirely predictable.

  21. OK, I know I am probably going to trigger a whole bunch of people, but I have never liked Woody Allen. I have always found him to be insufferably annoying and could never stand watching him in anything. I remember when that Casino Royale movie came out in the sixties and I went to the theater anticipating another good Bond movie but that farce left me totally disappointed.

  22. Bond playing Texas Holdem is ridiculous, sorry. It was used only because most people now dont even know how to pronounce Bacarrat let alone comprehend its superb simplicity and vicious ways.

  23. The books are better (yes, there are books, and they came first) but whether theyre on the screen or on the page, I often have no idea what the hell Bond is doing during these card scenes. I mean, I can get a gist of the plot, the emotions, the characters, the usually high stakes, and the inevitable victory, but the game itself is incomprehensible. Either way, the books are definitely preferable.

    1. In Casino Royale Id say the poker games are portrayed following the rules pretty well. Poker as a game is pretty easy to understand, it just takes a few minutes of study.

  24. The names Dickhead Craig… the rest are true gentlemen

  25. The next Bond must be a straight white male or the franchise will be dead forever

  26. JUST run the scenes. Your commentary is distracting and demeaning.

  27. Lazenby’s appearance was much better than Any film with Broznan in it!

  28. Its really annoying how people who put the vds up think theyre the stars. We want to watch the scenes, not listen to your banal Oo, Id love to be a TV narrator comments.

  29. The Octopussy wager was 200 thousand rupees, not 500 thousand.

    1. Sloppy research by the video maker. Video turned out in 25 minutes perhaps?

  30. Absolutely the fucking worst Texas Holdem scene on the big screen

  31. Wasnt Connerys craps roll illegal? Dint reach the back wall.

  32. They should change his name and his line of work:
    First Name: Treasure
    Job: Finance Analyst

    The name is Bond, Treasure Bond. What do you wanna invest today sir ?

  33. I hate to be negative Pal…but this is fairly pointless. Not cussing anyones Mum or owt, so please dont take offence.

  34. The point is ten. Full odds on the ten is a good bet. Two hundred on the hard way (ten, I presume, because thats the point) is a sucker bet. Im not sure why hes betting the limit on all the numbers when hes already got odds on the ten. The 250 yo is just full-on crazy when hes betting on the hard ten.

    1. But Bond rolled a yo-eleven on the come out roll, not a 10.

  35. The final poker hand in Casino Royale ranks as among the most ridiculous scenes in cinematic history. Why not just have everybody pull cards out of their collective ass?

  36. Wrong, author. Lazenby was a very good Bond. Second to Connery. Dont be stupid.

    1. No. Although I liked Moore in the series, he turned the movies into a bit of a parody, sort of a Get Smart. Lazenby much more resembled the Bond character described by Ian Fleming.

    2. Second to Connery ! No my man Rodger Moores is second

  37. What happened to THUNDERBALL? Theres a casino scene as well!!!

    1. One of the better ones. Plus Claudine Auger is the best Bond girl of them all.

  38. How can they dis Lazenby – he had one of the best Bond lines ever after beating the crap out of a couple of henchmen he takes a canapé and utters the immortal line …..ah royal beluga caviar…..north of the caspian…

  39. Any list that includes non EON films compared to the officials is garbage

  40. In the Diamonds Are Forever craps clip, Bond says
    Ill take the full odds on the 10,
    200 on the hard way
    the limit on all the numbers
    250 on the eleven thank you very much.

    I guess he means 200 on the 10 hard way. Not sure what is meant by the limit on all of the numbers.
    Of course this is just from the script, but they do sound like bets you could actually make in a craps game. (Im not a craps player)

    1. Sucker bets. I think the bets craps strategy is bet against the dice and lay the numbers at full odds. Everything else favors the house by too much.

  41. I put like only because I love the couple Daniel Craig and Eva Green

  42. the best james bond is ????????? Sean Connery or Roger Moore

  43. Sean Connery’s Bond May have had a bit of a gambling problem.

    1. I thought he was great. At first i wasnt familiar with Dalton but after seen a few movies with him i think hes a superb actor and was a very good Bond. To each his own though. Roger Moore and Connery are the best Bonds and i cant decide between them.

  44. Why does somebody have to talk during these scenes? Just play the top five. Your talking and opinions do not help. Dislike for your talking.

    1. @FrameDrumAndFlute I am giving my opinion of the video. If you cant live with that, I dont know what else to explain to you dude.

    2. @FrameDrumAndFlute Why would somebody watch this, before watching the movies?

    3. If you havent seen the movies the voice overs provide context.

  45. Idiot stop talking too much we do have ears an eyes to see an aswell as hearing…you dummer..

  46. 0:31 Thats not how you play craps. Your shots must hit the back wall to make it count.

  47. I wish the voice over would shut the fuck up so we can enjoy the scenes.

  48. Youre kidding. The 67 Casino Royale is your #1 casino scene? And Orsons magic tricks at the table doesnt enhance the scene, it subtracts considerably from it, its a needless distraction.

    The reason they had to put this in is because Welles refused to do the scene unless he was allowed to do magic. Peter Sellers hated it so much he refused to do the scene with Welles, thats why on all the cutaways you only see Sellers.