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Always awesome.
(The Trip 10s vs 6/7 Club villian, looks to have been another 4 bet – jam , over the top flush bet over his straight scenario, as aggressive as you play that would have solidified you needing to relocate to Vegas 👊😆

  • Enjoyed the vid bro be carful with the showing bluffs that you like to do as I used to do that and now they never fold

    1. It was my first time here and I loved it! A lot of hands, which is what I am looking for in a poker vlog! I love the pace 👍 Subbed!

  • Ive paused it at the flop , and Ill state my name on it that you made a good fold..
    Now to see 😁

  • New to the channel and I am loving the videos!!!! Thank you sir. Good luck on the tables

  • Hahahah I just sucked out on you with the 8 10 in rad poker to your AJ 🤣. Its all good I was owning you the whole session anyways. GG man really cool playing with u knowing you were on the other side

  • lol i have the best hand 100% of the time proceeds to lose to a straight….

  • There’s another poker vlogger who says “at or by the end of the day” on practically every hand. I find it irritating but that’s me.

  • First rule of poker is never believe anything that a person says. Yeah it was me that made the comment about you not posting a losing session so with as many bluffs as I see you run anyone would question if you are cherry picking your uploads!
    I will be down in Florida in August visiting relatives and if you havent posted a losing session by then I am going to look you up and see if you have what it takes to get my chips!

    1. @HarryBPoker if I believed everything a poker player told me over the years I would be living in a refrigerator box down by the railroad tracks by now 😂

    2. Just wait til next video 🙂 regardless would definitely be down to run 👍

  • Pause the video and press the like btn…. omg this is so annoying and you didn’t come up with this line

  • dude doesnt even know what a cold call is but claims to have a 15 session win streak lmao

    1. Unless there is a poker literacy test given at the cage in FL before they let you cash out, Im not too worried about it.

  • Early gang!!! Lets get Harry to 10k subs! Great vlog as always 👍

  • Do you show every single session that you play?

    1. 90% of sessions I would say. Recently I have been playing much more, so I was unable to make a video out of every session.

  • when you said he was aggressive but he checked that turn, I just knew he was gonna turn over the turned straight (J7 or 76), thats probably a shrug and call for me too tho, nice playing

  • River bets on a board like that are hardly ever a bluff.

  • HarryB, good poker vlog.

    Couple of comments:

    Don’t show bluffs hardly ever helps you vs the table … doesn’t allow range balance guesswork for opponents. Hurts you, your image, etc.

    Try and show table positions and chip stacks. You say it fast, don’t repeat … 10 seconds into the hand we all forget what positions and relative chip stacks …. you’re vlog is great but can get better.

    Tried RAD …. hmmmm … abit wonky, hard to get competition in reasonable time consistently and most importantly not that much fun. I gave it two days and returned it to the iOS app graveyard. Not sure what you get paid for doing this RAD thing; not really good for you net, net I think.

  • Fyi just cause someone is on there phone 📱 doesnt mean they not interested. We all see a bunch of people on there phone 90% of the time

  • Call or fold trips? You had 4th best hand. Seriously? Chart how many times your 4th, 5th best hand wins in that situation. Learn.

  • Hello, I was asked to take a look at your vlog.

  • Dam man ! That J10 hand was so well played man! Your an animal please keep the content coming

  • Why do some players pound the table when hand is over? Everyone can understand the winnner of the pot without these gestures.

    1. Yes Ryan’s right. Out of etiquette, I never do it if I win, unless the loosing player does it first. I wear headphones when I play so it’s my way of communicating basically.

    2. I always thought it meant nice hand but doing it when you win I dont know about that.

  • Why do you show your bluff so often ? What purpose does it serve ? Are you trying to make them going on tilt, or are you trying to show off how smart you are ?

    1. Definitely shouldn’t be showing this often. One benefit is I can use this to portray a flawed table image. After showing bluffs, when I catch premiums, I am more likely to get value.

  • Good stuff tonight i miss live poker i been playing online here in ontario canada we dont have anything open right now so watching you and bradly are all i have 🙂

    1. Thanks Chris:)
      Appreciate the comment. Hope you get to play live poker soon!

    2. also strech these out 🙂 i need the viewing time 🙂

    1. It was for a promo at the casino at the time of filming 👍

  • Word of advice, stop showing bluffs. Players will pick up timing tells when you’re drawing in later hands.

  • Head to Los Angeles on May 15th. We will be having a vloggers game at Lucky Lady Casino at 6pm. Jeff Stimson from Vegas will be here. Happy Face Holdem from Ventura County is also showing up. Then we got ThinkBluePoker from Long Beach, and FishPoker from East LA as well. Its a $2/$3 friendly game. If you are down to come let me know and I’ll comp you a 2 night Hotel out here. Hope to see you. We are all Minor league players lol

  • K10…live and learn. Check the flop cuz they called with something. Could save that 150 bet. Slow down, see what develops…aggressive play is fine but not out of position…

  • It’s easy to not have a losing session when your session are short

  • Still wondering if the “B” in Harry B stands for butthole. 😜

  • Harry B is still streakin through the Quad. Nice job kid, keep it rolling

  • you can see on camera he had ace of hearts 4 of diamonds at 12:16 guess he missed his draw to an over card? Either way win is a win.

  • HARRY.B. NEVER apologise for winning!!!! Trust me after 40 years of card playing there will be LONG and HARSH losing streaks RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. When you win dont go on winners tilt. When you lose dont go on losers tilt!!! Back in 2005 at the Borgata I had a 7 month winning streak, then I got my Aces cracked by K2off… crashing back to reality and a one month losing streak followed 60%-40% win loss ****

  • HarryB given the competition you have in South Florida do you think you could play professionally there with Poker being your only means of income? Do you think you could make enough to live with just playing poker?

    1. @HarryBPoker thanks man! I love your videos! You rock!

    2. From a monetary standpoint I probably could live just off poker income but I would have to extremely frugal. The goal is to become better and make more $ lol. I definitely have much room for improvement as a player.

  • Hey man I hope you wear at least 3 masks and have had your vaccnes. We literally need every single man woman and child to take the shots so we can get back to normal.
    Do your part.

  • not trying to be annoying.. just want to help.. in the 2nd its not a “cold 3bet” by the bb..its just a 3bet

  • I wouldn’t show quite as much. You’re not exploiting your nut hands that I’ve seen. The guy with A6 is playing the boards to induce a fold both times. He wasn’t value betting his pair of 66 but merely playing the board Great video and best of luck.

  • Harrys Vlog today >>> Brad, Ethan, and Neemes vlogs (combined) yesterday.

    1. @HarryBPoker my boy said he saw y’all playing at the coco

    2. One of the members on that list is making a vlog appearance soon 😏

  • MW2 is the #1 spot. Current games tho: Apex Legends #1 😀

  • Every season is a fresh start, unless youre Mike Postle, I 100 believe you have won great aggressive play good card selection well done

  • I think u gave a lot of information when you showed the Q9. Raising in such early position with that hand takes testiculars and its not a bad move imo BUT when u show, u kinda set urself up to get 3 bet and 4 bet more often. Either way, great vlog man keep them coming