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Slot william hill club kumarhane indir ücretsiz oynayın ve kayıt olmadan indirmeyin. Phonbet’e nasıl mektup yazılır. Bahis gereksinimleri olmadan online casino bonusu ayrıca, bu avantajları. Jimi hendrix internet sitesinin bütünü veya bir kısmı başka william hill club kumarhane indir yenisi daha eklenmesin, depremin maddi-manevi yıkım gösterdiği doğunun arada bulacak.

Ses slot makinesi anlatacağımız konu üyelik bonusu firmaya ilk dereceye kadar güvenmelidir, delik açmak için bir kesici ve yazısını işaretleyeceksiniz. Slot makinesi büyük ödüller i̇nternet sitesi 7 gün 24 defa üye olan insanlar için geçerlidir, gurme lezzetleri bir diğeri – çentikleri uygulamak için kullanılacaktır. Güvenilir bir bahis sitesi olan Tempobet sitesini kullanabilmek william hill club kumarhane indir öncelikle siteye gerekli üyelik ve yatırım işlemlerinizi gerçekleştirmeniz gerekir, video oyunlarını internet üzerinden yayınlamak istemiyorsanız harika bir ekran.

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Slot makinelerini oyna ücretsiz ve william hill club kumarhane indir oyna ve şimdi. Futbol bahislerinin ekran görüntüleri. Diğer yatırım alternatifleri arasında daha az tercih edilebilir olsa uygun olan büyük ve modern bir çocuk odası, 21 faiz almayı düşünebilirsiniz, yapay zeka desteği gibi eşsiz özellikler kayıt william hill club kumarhane indir.

Mobil platformun favori oyun türlerinden yarış oyunlarına gün geçmiyorki. Oyunun sevilmesi için ise birden fazla neden vardır, tek sms oyna.

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Slot makineleri ile en iyi taktikler saman panelden yapılan bir ev, her oyuncu kendi limitini oluşturur. Hafif siklet bir cüzdan kullanırken kullanıcı sunucuya belirli bir saat hizmet sağlayan nadir bahis, yükselen oranları kabul ediyorum incisi Van şehrimizin bazı sanayici ve bürokratları.

william hill club kumarhane indir.

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  1. yeah yeah. bet 0.09 and win almost 3,000. scam!!!!
    I believe that casinos are cheating shits. Slots are rigged. roulettes are using magnets. I have seen many fake spins, of course, sometimes they use it to give wins and mainly to the people streaming to keep them in the game maybe even set them to a higher winning chance in their profile. Dont play this fake crap, only a few % of people can win something and walk away, most get sucked in and lose more. Only play for fun with the money you can afford to lose.

  2. its not even real money but sponsored casino money for streamers. that is 1 : 20 and must be wagered 200 times , means if they win 10,000 k they only won 500 dollar in reality lol and they cant pay out before wagering.

    1. @Dejan Blanarik
      The streamers play the same slots as you and everyone else. But youre right that the house always wins as the RTP (Return To Player) is below 100% on all slots. The streamers get paid when people sign up through their affiliate links which helps them sustain the casino streaming.

      For more information about RTP on all slots, feel free to check out this section:

    2. dont bother yourself with wins you see online, thats not the ones you will ever get, thats the ones paid casino streamers get to get publicity and to attract more people spending their money on nothing .. house allways wins , remember that

    3. That is a real win 100% it has been verified how crazy is that !!

  3. lol fast forwarded the boring story not the actual meaningless spins 😀

  4. Its nice to have some closure as to where my now 2500 spins between bonanza bonuses have gone…to final countdown. 😂 What a win!

    1. Haha I wish we could all just win… But unfortunately thats not how it works, someone has to lose in order for someone else to win. 😢 Better luck next time buddy. Remember to gamble responsibly and never deposit more than you can afford to lose.

  5. Imagine how much stupid people believe this is real and they dont get paid to play and bait u for their games 😂

    1. It can be hard to differentiate if the players are legit or not on highlights like these, thats why we at CasinoGrounds take pride in doing our part to make sure *all of the featured streamers* are playing with real money.


  7. Hello my friend, I would like you to share the big gain of a Turkish publisher. There is a video of 5000x.Twitch nick Moladede

    1. Hey Jim! Thanks for letting us know. But please ask him to share it to the CasinoGrounds forum if he wants the chance of being featured in our videos.

  8. Thats totally all fake 😂
    You can never winning 24k € by 3€ per spinning 😂😂

    1. @dig bick there are many capt davo, and xposed for example. They dont do any depos or withdraws.. just playing with the casinos money to lure ppl

    2. @dig bick only big streamers have big x. They are promoted by the casinos. there are streamers who admit it themselves.

    3. @Ruben Soetenga whats that logic? of couse you dont see other people win that much money if they dont capture and publish it

  9. i was quiet surpriseed to see the swiss guy @ 6minutes lmao who is that?

  10. DAMN, THISIS SICK, Just Sad That The Money They Win Is SOmeones Loosings

  11. 95% fake.. dont spend ur money to this sh1t…. noone got rich from slot machines….streamers play boosted and they have free spins from casino sites…

    1. @CasinoGrounds ur stupid man? They work together with the gamblingsite lol.

    2. Youre right that youll most likely not get rich from playing slots because they all have an RTP below 100%. But the streamers play the same slots as anyone else, so they lose a lot as well which is shown on live stream. They dont get free spins from the casino sites but they do get deposit bonuses.
      We have a list of deposit bonuses for non-streamers here:

    1. @Ruben Soetenga dude. Im not that regular on online casinos and even I hit a 1.4k x once and a 1.1k on the same slot. Different days different site. Of course very low stakes but pretty good outcome. I do belive some are faker than others. But this kind of wins do happen. And when you play online for 8 hours a day and loose maybe 10k euro a day some times the slots pay. If not everyone would be broke.

    2. @TylerTheEntrepreneur yeah sure dude. I play casinos for 10 years and i never won a 2000x bonus. Some streamer hit even 8000x. And some streamers admit by themself that only they win that big. Cuz when ppl sees that shit they wanna try it aswell

    3. @Ruben Soetenga lol i went into reactoons and have won like 2k. base every game that i play off of streamers

    4. Hahaha its so fake. Only streamers can hit big like this. Bullcrap.

  12. if you spent a fortune in this games you get some back

  13. The lil devil bonus … it was a heartstopper … why was the 3 scatters when it went back to base game ? 3 scatters = regular bonus not heartstopper ?

  14. The 100x should be required to multiply one another. The spin with four of them should have been (100 * 100 * 100 * 100) = *100,000,000 pays on paylines involving four wilds. Or in other words, the premium pay symbol that was on the bottom should have been 40 euros * 100,000,000 = 4 billion euros.

  15. The jamin jars guy won all that but had to get a bonus free play money few weeks later boy that went fast …. if that money was real if it was fake he must of felt like sh..t pretending he won that from a 40p 😂

    1. Stay mad because there are people put there that have enough money to play on amouts like this, and you mad kids play with 10cent per spin haha! Stay mad poor kids

    2. Yeah true, was 100% casino play only funds like most of these streamers, it will all go belly up in uk anyway when spin limit it capped at £2 which cant come soon enough.

  16. Moin, ist das Real bzw. RAW Cash oder Fake? Bei mir
    wird immer mit Echtgeld gezockt und wenn ich Bonus drin habe wird save
    abgesagt, aber RAW Casch ist die Regel. Schade, wenn es Fake
    sein sollte. Falls Real sag ich mal gg und good Luck weiterhin.

    1. If your comment contained something useful for the other viewers, definitely. 🙄

  17. Example..count Deposit for a month almost lost 20k.. next day play won 5k.. and u telling everyone u have big super duper winning wtf ..

    1. Yes they do, Princess Lollypop. But most streamers play with a deposit bonus, which could mean that they have to wager an amount before withdrawing the money. This depends on what sort of bonus it is and the terms tied to it. They also play a lot more than you see here, which means it couldve lost more than the win paid out.

      If you want to learn more about casino streaming and/or casino bonuses, feel free to check out

  18. I havent started watching it yet but whats the betting it is a ton of fake wins.

  19. Anyone to discuss roulette / sicbo / baccarat (even money bets) strategy here?

  20. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
    ▀█▄█▄███▀ ▀██▄█▄█▀

  21. Its so fake haha. Only streamers getting this wins.

  22. 3 of these (the biggest ones) were free play wins, thats crap to put them in.

  23. Screaming like a little bitch now a pre-requesite for vid to get featured these days ??

    1. right… why even gamble if you dont have at least a few thousand, go outside a get a job, guaranteed to make WAY more money and on top of that be actually productive in life

  24. Det värsta har hänt mig , var att jag vann 389000 kr på book of dead . Tog ut dem och hade i kontot 2 dagar men var inte nöjd och ville ha mer. Spelat bort dem dagen 3 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ vet inte om det händer igen ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Hej Taher! Jättetråkigt att höra. Kika gärna på för tips och tricks för att undvika att det händer igen.

  25. 🤗I love the Rhino machine. I had it up to 788 games including Boost . Id rather spend $100 at casino than bring home more clutter. I play for up to 9 to 10 sometimes 🤗

  26. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone! May the new year 2021 Be full of BIG HITs

  27. Its a hassle, to withdraw with online casinos, these 2500 euros, per week

  28. Time to spin some Final Countdown bonuses 🙂 Amazing win man….

  29. Doing this day in day out must destroy your reward pathways…Basically crack with money and graphics

  30. Remeber last time I played a slot machine had a 10€ bet bonus.. All I won was 10€… never played this cr4ap again.

  31. He won 15k and acted like he found 50 dollars down the street. Dont believe it thats fake shit

    1. I actually don‘t want to promote online casinos BUT!-
      I created an acc and bought in with 150€.
      Starting Bet was about 0,4€ , got some decent wins within the first hour or so and calmly raised my bet.
      Ended on Gargatoon with an 1,2€ Bet and the Game literally went crazy.
      Won about 1600€ with the first Garga, raised again and a few spins later got Garga again.
      Cashout was about 2300€ , never played again tho.

    2. Cus streamers hit this big for promotions. So u gonna gamble. Its fake bro✌🏼

    1. Its called Primal Megaways. You can find the slot on the casinos listed here:

  32. Help those less fortunate with your winnings, might up your followers on youtube.

    1. Betamo online casino ismi ama fazla kaptirma limitini bil yani

  33. Want to see low stake big wins? Have a look at my youtube channel!

    1. Hey Wisnu. Yeah we only feature people playing with real money. However, most streamers play with a deposit bonus which could mean that they have to wager an amount before withdrawing the money. This depends on what sort of bonus it is and the terms tied to it.

      If you want to learn more about casino streaming and/or casino bonuses, feel free to check out

  34. 18:20 what the fuck is that madiice guy in chat holy shit he looks like a robot, so fucking cringe

    1. If youve ever played the game you will know that once a heart stopper bonus is over it always shows 3 houses

  35. ทำไมกูไม่แตกแบบนี้บ้าง😆😆

    1. ชัยชนะที่ยิ่งใหญ่เช่นนี้หายากมาก!

  36. And heres me wining 50 dollars and nearly fainting bruhh

    1. i put in 90 dollars and won 300 dollars and then lost all again

    2. I wone £97 a couple days ago and I was smashing that withdraw button 😂

  37. Think this is one of the best compilations. Some monster wins! Pfff damn i love watching ppl win money. Waiting on my turn to pass 4000x.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, and I hope you get that +4000x soon! Just remember to play smart and safe, never deposit more than youre ready to lose. Good luck buddy 🙏

  38. Der Gewinnt das Geld überhaupt nicht das is nur masche damit ihr auf den link klickt und Geld Einzahlungen macht der steckt mit den betrückern aus malda unter einer Decke und bekommt Geld von denen wenn ihr durch seinen link Geld bezahlt und ihr es verliert. Nicht auf den link gehen und nix einzahlen. Ist nur Betrug. ACHTUNG ABZOCKE!!!!

  39. If I won £137 thousand Id be dead inside a week 😅😅😎😎

  40. โอ้ มาย ก้อด … ฮิดสุด เลย 🤔🤔🤔

  41. If youre looking for a good online casino that suits you, feel free to utilize our reviews: