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  1. NOW they wear the lifejackets…obviously just because you are rich enough to own a boat like that does not necessarily mean you should own a boat…

  2. It looks like the waves are following the boat. Afterthought put a life jacket on. And why are people filming this not going up and down with waves. Im so confused.

  3. And the bigger boats just zooming past making the situation worse. Florida man.

  4. Even the Coast Guard was like…. Opens his eyes in the morning, rubs the crust from the corners and blinks a few times. Hes awaken from his drunken deep heavy slumber to the sound of wind, waves and the screams of the local idiots in the small boats of the Florida coastal town. Jon rolls to his left side to face the window to the world, and the water. He musters up the courage to reach out and pull the corner slat of the mini blinds, takes one look outside and thinks, Nope, no fucking way, someone juss gonna hafta learn the hard way. Then he farts and goes back to sleep. Coast Gaurd lives another day!

  5. Whats the brown stuff floating in the Water behind the boat sorry I dont live near water Im uneducated

  6. What purpose does the boatowner have.??is it funny to risk lifes in that inlet..???

  7. No lifejackets on, overloaded boat, unqualified captain — oh. Yeah. Lots of fun. Stupid.

  8. Pro tip u got to many people on that boat in the first place

  9. rip to all the beers getting half replaced with seawater

  10. Their crossing that inlet in Florida this is really a thing

  11. What I dont get is kids on a boat with NO LIFE JACKET!!!! IDIOT PARENTS!

  12. What a moron in that first boat. Crappy boat for choppy seas. Overloaded. Everyone sitting on the bow weighing down a low bow boat to begin with and no life jackets on going through snotty seas. Brilliant….

  13. someone pls tell me what that orange stuff is in the water i am curious….

  14. Yelling at the monitor, Move to the back you morons. This Darwin at work.

  15. Definitely needed a few more bodies on that first boat.

  16. Some these idiots shouldn’t be at the helm of any watercraft !!!!!!!!

  17. If I have a small boat and I see that the waves on the far side are are not smaller than at the haulover then I will have a shaky experience through the whole trip.
    So I would wait for a calmer day
    Or save for a bigger boat thats not bucking like a wild bronco.

  18. Stupid is as stupid does, I feel sorry for the poor kids whom look up to the parents to keep them safe and thry put them at risk like this.. Fooking idiots.

  19. Let’s put life vests on now that we are in trouble🤦🏽‍♂️. Water will make a coward out of anyone. I feel like all these boats that take on too much water have packed boats. Glad at the end of the video they all are pulling in with life vests on😂👍🏽

  20. 12 people on board. Not a life jacket in sight. What about the kids? Ruined everyones day and created fear instead of an appreciation for the water. Noob X 10

  21. Some boats are just designed to scoop up water over the bow. 😳

  22. Incredible some of the stuff we capture guys. How could this have been avoided? 😳

    1. HEED THE SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY FFS! EVERY ADULT had a beer in their hands. Idiots.

    2. Dont try to leave an inlet during outgoing with an onshore swell would be a great start…

  23. I knw what the smallest boat that cld make it thru there quick!! Theres guys over in Cambodia they take a 20 ft piece of tree bark that got blown off by lighting last week put their homemade motor on it with a 10 ft pole as the propeller, throttle & steering. They throw on their not given 2 fucks shorts & go find a ditch w 2 inches of water. They put their rocket bark in & stand on the back. Start up that 30 min made military F14 Cambodia Stealth Night Terror. Ever so slightly dip the propeller from Raisin Hell in the 2 inches of water& take what they consider an afternoon cruise doing Mach2 while taken a selfie. So yeah I believe they could just tear ass like a bullet thru the water, not up & down them waves but THUR the mfin waves. So yeah if they do that kinda stuff casually Im just saying if the shit goes down Im riding with one of them. Enjoy your Saturday ppl 😎✌🏼🧘‍♀️😂

  24. El cabezeo de los yates y el dominio de los mismos muy bueno pero pregunto no observo que la gente abordo llevase chaleco salvavida debería hacerlo?

  25. That was Biden sinking the boat like the country and just kept yelling come on man while looking around for corn pop

  26. The Four Winds inboard had what looked like a 4 year old child without a PFD. What the hell was mom thinking?

    Besides love men need fishing
    And for both, most are wishing
    Catching trophies chosen best
    To be envied by the rest.

    Fishing is a game of sport
    Loved by all, both tall and short.
    We must fool the fish’s eye
    If we plan to stir and fry.

    Some use boats while others wade
    As they fish the sun or shade.
    Ice-cold drinks help pass the day
    While life’s troubles fade away.

    Most men feel theyve everything
    With their rod, hook, cork and string.
    Be it river, pond or lake
    We all pray our line wont break.

    By Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet YouTube

  28. Are these people serious? Is it their first time here or something?

  29. The trim didnt work?!!!!No life jackets, hes one lucky boy

  30. I never recommend haulover inlet. Unless you have 4ft+ of freeboard you will have an extremely difficult time getting out or in safely

  31. Good job moms and dads. Scrambling to get life vests is a good example for them to scramble with your future grandkids. 🙄

  32. Why are all the CC boats going out without a single fishing pole in the boat? What a waste.

  33. 12 people on a bow rider heading into angry seas; worst case scen….

  34. I like how this guy puts the title video 1st .Ive noticed these boats that have a curved down bow dont do very good in these waves.

  35. I never understood why people sit on or in the bow in rough water….

  36. This isnt Disneyland kids. Nobodys gonna turn the right off when you get scared. Life-and-death situations here in some cases. That guy in the 1st boat obviously had no clue what he was doing

  37. The guy on the second boat needs to hike up those trunks lol.

  38. I’m sure one person out there said “Dam, I bit my tongue”.

  39. Nothing is dinner here than a Jetski. Jetskis don’t care about waves.. been here on 9’ foot waves and it super fun.. boats are a brake your knees here.. lol

    1. Ps, Biden is way too stupid and forgetful to be the devil. Hes a puppet tool of evil people that most likely worship the devil.

    2. I hear about PWCs. The bigger the wave the more fun it is. As long as you have good watertight seals on your compartments, they are incredibly hard to take water/sink.

  40. The local police and the Coast Guard need to start charging these idiots who need rescuing. Its almost always because of some stupid mistake. Boat overloaded or too small for the conditions, inexperienced captains. Oh, and one count of child endangerment for every kid who isnt wearing a lifejacket.

  41. Kids in the boat and no life jackets…stupid pure stupidity

  42. Unless you have a 50’ or bigger Haulover inlet will make you have a bad time..

  43. People think that wearing a PFD is not cool. Id rather be alive and wearing a life jacket than floating dead without one.

  44. I can just imagine sitting on a toilet going through that…

  45. In the words of Homer Simpson Its funny because I dont know them! 😂

  46. アップトリム知らんのか?沈みなさい~(^^♪

  47. Holy Hell people, put on a damn lifejacket when you step foot on the boat….. Not when your boat starts sinking and your thrown in the water…. ESPECIALLY KIDS!!!🤦🏼‍♀️

  48. Many of these boats I see that are really nose diving I see tbe motors are mostly trimmed down most of the way. It would seem obvious that you want to try and keep that front end up for tbe most part until you get out of that area. I may be wrong but thats what I noticed.

  49. Boat too small. Nobody wearing life jackets. Watch the wind advisory. Yall some crazy mferz.. (Hey Joe, get the Go Devil ready, I know a good place to go catch some crawfish!)

  50. Beautiful Sea ⛵ I like so much happyyy from 😃🇰🇭❤️🇺🇲

  51. This is the reason I dont ride on small boats. The captain would be mad at me puke everywhere 🤮

  52. worst boat design ever,lower front just diving under sea and driver has no idea what he doing.

  53. This guy at the helm is an idiot!!! Do that if you want on your own and stop risking everyone else’s safety

  54. One thing about the ocean, that you can never forget: The ocean doesnt give one $%^& about you or your boat.

  55. People are idiots,too many passengers,and over all the design of those little boats is so shity

  56. I think with the family there are too many people on that small boat in my opinion. and theres a lot of people I realize by watching these videos that have no clue how to operate a boat.

  57. Only idiot parents hand life jackets to kids after the event!!