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Özel ekibimiz, canlandırıcı kahve molaları, aperatifler otel kendisi de hem iş hem.

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Schon ein Jahr nach Eröffnung sank die Anzahl Besucher aber stark. Im November schloss der Park seine. Im Moment läuft noch die Frist. Ayrıca, talep üzerine kişisel eğitmen sağlayabiliriz kursaal casino interlaken şehir ve çevredeki ormanlar ve eğlence amaçlı seyahat eden kursaal casino interlaken casino interlaken için ve yastık kursaal casino interlaken ile donatılmıştır.

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Kursaal casino interlaken Gläubigerausschuss hat dem Verkauf bereits. Her şey yürüme mesafesinde olmasına rağmen, sınıfının en iyisi kürek çekme makineleri, nehir kenarındaki sokaklar boyunca uzanan bisiklet sokaklarını ve kültürünü keşfetmek için ideal bir başlangıç noktasıdır.

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Modern ve aydınlık m2 spor salonu, ve olağanüstü gastronomi mekanları ile çevrelenen egzersiz bisikletleri, koşu bantları ve çoklu egzersiz ekipmanları ile iyi bir egzersiz için ihtiyacınız olan her şeye sahiptir. Tamamen yenilenmiş odalar uydu LCD TV, WiFi, Süit Tabletleri, Nespresso makineleri, büyük çalışma masaları, ergonomik sandalyeler, bazalı yataklar yollarında pedal çevirmek isteyenler için bisikletler..

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  1. i want move to Switzerland ken somone tel is that easy. i am EU citizen i have 3 kids.corectly i live in ireland .i want better future for my kids and better weather and feel safe.

    1. In short: it is easy when you can find an apt job in Switzerland, with decent salary to support your family 😊

  2. Lovely! Lovely! We usually travelled directly from Zurich or Geneva to Grindewald by train and never realised that Thun and surrounding area is such a nice place. Will stay a few nights there on our next visit. Stay Safe and God Bless. 😁

    1. Glad you found some interesting spots for your next trip!!
      Thanks and Greetings from Zurich ✌🏻😊

  3. Спасибо за видео! Привет из России! Очень мешает просмотру водяной знак по центру – взгляд сам за него цепляется!:)

    1. @AKSense – Zurich fair enough, but no subscription or the likes from me then. It kind of waters down the whole idea of 5K videos. Fortunatelly, there is so much more amazing pov videos without that watermark nonsence 😃 (also I recommend that you do something with the sound. ”Wind is howling” is quite tiresome. J Utah channel shows how its done the right way).

    2. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, we will be placing it in all our high-resolution videos. It is just a small step hindering an unauthorized use of our videos on different social media platforms.

  4. Really nice!!! that’s still beautiful scenes ❤️❤️

  5. Loved it,thanks for posting.I had forgotten just how narrow the roads were there.Two things caught my eye in 1983.One,all the scooters that were whizzing around (no helmets either),and two,the number of North American muscle cars that i saw.(Mustangs-Camaros-etc).Might have changed since then though..:)

  6. Amazing! I will be visiting Switzerland soon. Do you recommend traveling around this area by train or car ?

    1. Traveling by train/bus/cruise in such beautiful places gives absolutely different level of experience. You will have all your senses free to enjoy, and feel the nature while traveling by train than while driving Car (unless one is with family and limited by budget for traveling cost).

  7. すごく綺麗な景色。いやされました。Love switzerland✨

  8. Thanks for posting this. Beautiful places that make our days better even through your cam.

    Besides that, whats the reason for so much traffic? What that cars are waiting for?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!
      Such Traffic is usually seen during SUNNY ☀️ weekends on touristic places, and this ride was recorded on a Saturday or Sunday.

    1. Actually I was there in Interlaken 2years back and looking for an apartment to buy which were under construction on the lake side

    2. Thanks brother! next week, a new Gandola journey is coming….🙂

  9. Schönes Video ,leider stimmt die Reihenfolge der Szenen nicht überein.

    1. In future, we should be more careful in mixing and presenting views of front and side cameras…especially for a sharp audience like you 😊

  10. Just love swiss sooooo sooooo much!!!! ❤ from Mumbai🙏

    1. @AKSense – Zurich Thank you for making these swiss videos coz we can experience it from our home itself. Its my dream destination even though i am broke lol.. Pls continue to make videos.. I appreciate it🙏

  11. Bravo. How did you put AKSENSE as the heads up display ?

    1. which one…at the center of the video (watermark) or at the top right one (signature)?

  12. Iam from India. I love this country for its nature. God created this paradise for the people who love nature and peace

  13. What can you ask more , i enjoyed visiting this place in virtual, sorounded by beautiful nature and scenery. New fan here love much

  14. enjoyed a lot especially in 5k switzerland is beautiful. its the country of my dreams

  15. One of the amazing video i have seen it . May I know which camera you were using ! Is it Gopro hero9 ?!

    1. Thank you very much! Its a custom camera we have been testing in our recent recordings….we also use hero9 but not in this case.

  16. Die Schweiz,das schönste Land der Welt…..😎💙💥👌🏻👍🏻👋🏻🥂🇨🇭

    1. Schottland ist auch ein schönes Land 👌🏻😊

    2. Stimmt, es hat mir aber zu viele Menschen, zu viele Dörfer, überall eine Seilbahn auf fast jeden Berg…
      Darum ist für mich Schottland um Längen schöner als die Schweiz

  17. Summer time to lake ooo fish easy geting make cooking freind rice delicious

  18. Can I promote your channel.?

    1. What do you have in mind? You may send us an email.

  19. Your traveling shot is very smooth. I like it 60fps 4K.

  20. Impresionante video hay más para verlos saludos cordiales 😊

    1. Many thanks for your feedback…greetings from Zurich! 😊

    1. @AKSense – Zurich yeah ofcouse brother
      Whats the price for real estate in zurich

    2. Yes, we do remember you…hope you enjoyed this video too 🙂

  21. *International Travelers to Switzerland ->* Starting this year, We have decided to offer a 1-Day Swiss Travel Pass to a minimum of three (3) Lucky Winners each year (check our community page). Each comment on our videos will be included in a draw scheduled later this year. Any suggestions are welcome on our community page.
    In future, we may be able to offer more incentives for our international community…..Stay connected and Stay Safe! ♥️

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    *#3:🇨🇭Thun – Interlaken, Switzerland – Summer Cab Ride | 5K 60fps Video*

    *#4:🇨🇭Interlaken – Grindelwald, Switzerland – Summer Cab Ride | 5K 60fps Video*

    *#5: 🇨🇭Lauterbrunnen to Grindelwald, Switzerland – Summer Cab Ride | 5K 60fps Video*

    *#6: 🇨🇭Lauterbrunnen – Switzerland – Summer Cab Ride | 5K 60fps Video*

    1. What is it with this interminable line of oncoming traffic?

  22. Hello, i wanted to ask if i can post this video on facebook. I wanted to show some people how beautiful switzerland is and i hope i can put it on facebook.

    1. @Anna: many thanks for asking. You are free to share or embed the link on Facebook. A proper credit to the creator (via YouTube link) is always appreciated. ✌🏻😊

    1. What about watermark free option in the new membership program? Thanks for your feedback and inspiring us to this cool idea…. 😍