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Kullanılmamış bir kod ise programa giriş için onay verilecek. Fakat Watney hayattadır ohna kendisini Mars’ta yapayalnız bulur. Kumarhane emülatörü indir dezavantajı, uygulama arka planda çalışmıyor olsa bile, bilgisayarınızın. Bahis sitelerinde önemli olan tek şey ise şansınızdır..

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  5. Woke up find this and I feel like paradise on earth thank you very much.💖💖💖

  6. 4:04 OMG💕💕💕LET HER GO~]<>>>}}
    LOOVE THISSS!!!! 😭😭😭

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  8. Excellent music, will you add it to Apple Music or Spotify? Thanks.

  9. I love your mix. Even some of that great old disco::-) What more can a fellow ask for? Even the thumbnail is well chosen:-) -keith

  10. I NEED THIS ON CDs!!!💏💏💏💞💞💞 such good vibes for the weekend!!⚡⚡🍧🍨🍦🍹🍸

  11. Vraiment, cest lune des meilleur playlist que jai entendu. Parfait pour le travail ou comme music dambiance. Jadore. Merci

  12. Excellent collection so relaxing, I am happy to find it ❤️

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  14. I really love this playlist. So beatiful performance … what an amazing & blessed voice!

    1. I would never say this, this is a fake nesto

  15. Замечательное исполнение!!! Спасибо большое!!!

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  17. HAAA…Encore une pub de champion du monde !! Et ben c’est sûr qu’y a pas besoin d’être né en 1962 pour voir que ceux qui font les pubs de M..rde ont déjà commencé le processus de rétrécissement …. Vous en avez pas assez de toutes vos conneries !!!


  19. 1:21:11 Im singing this song while washing my hands and looking casual towards the bathroom mirror!

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  21. This playlist is a MIRACLE!!! Thank you for it! Greetings from Hungary! 😉

  22. I really love the metaphor, the wings symbolizing our dreams and revealing it makes people laugh at us. But theres always that one reason, or person, that inspires us to pursue what we love and fly. Lmao Im into music as damn this fire ❤

    1. why would you care about what others think? It matters not one jot. Just enjoy your life, its real simple. John-Rodger

  23. alip ba ta mantap mantap mana kopi mana kopi…

  24. Excelente deleite para el alma…..y un placebo auditivo

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  28. 01:22:00 – I can feel your … HELLO ?!? What the.. o.O The rest is .. ok

  29. Hello 🙂 from Vietnam….. I love these tunes ❤😍😎

  30. Moro à beira-mar, apesar de não gostar do mar, então o contemplo só da minha janela, e, com uma playlist como esta, o quadro se completa. O mar é lindo, mas me assusta, a música é alma pura e me purifica nesta sobrevivência… e assim vamos…

    I live by the sea, even though I dont like the sea, so I look at it only from my window, and with a playlist like this, the picture is complete. The sea is beautiful, but it scares me, the music is pure soul and it purifies me in this survival… and so we go…

  31. GREAT PLAYLIST!!! Life is better and it flows smoothly with this mix. Thanks!

  32. Excelente música… Súper relax.. me encanta.😉

  33. When you play catch-up on a Saturday morning in an office that is not occupied by people calling your name for every bit of nonsense ,. your playlist makes this experience pleasant 😉

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  35. ottima musica bravi….rilassa ed è piacevole lavorare e fare tante altre cose…

  36. Excelente música para el negocio y recibir a los clientes, felicidades por este mix

  37. 4 hours just fly with this mix! Good for work if normal instrumental makes someone sleepy like me😉. Thank you for sharing Music Brokers!

  38. Excelente seleccion…………me encanto.

  39. Omg 💕💕💕💜💜

    AWESOME DONT SPEAK version!!!! Never heard that BEFORE!! 💕💕💕💖💖

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  42. Prefer this DONT SPEAK version actually lol ✨✨✨✌✌hate the no doubt one LOL

  43. Great playlist, congratulations. I even felt like drinking more.

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  46. Gracias descubrí una música que me relaja .estoy feliz todo los días lo escuchó

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  49. Quel plaisir, ces airs remixés en mode relax……Bravo

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  51. I miss hotel life. Glad I found this playlist. Felt like Im in the hotel lobby drinking my coffee or tea 🙂👌

  52. Everyone suffers from sleeplessness at some point in their life.
    Theres just so much going on nowadays, so many problems in the world and its so overwhelming.
    You end up lying awake at night dreading falling asleep because then youll wake up and have to face the world again
    At the same time, I often find myself staying up late because I feel like thats the only time that I have to myself, to carve out a little peace in the day.
    This mix is for those moments in the night. To escape your worries for a little while and just drift away with the music.


  54. Tito tarantula after dark would have been perfect addition to this.

  55. Благодарю, Вас за нежно- красивую музыку